The Gooneburra Collection & Bush Tucker Gardens

Even in the country, it is easy to forget that gardens are a place of rest and regeneration, and an oasis from our busy, technology focused world. The Gooneburra Garden will convert the under-utilised courtyard at the Oakey library into a bush tucker garden. This will not only provide a use for the space but provide a greater understanding of native food within the community and build/strengthen ties with the local Indigenous community.

Fact Sheets:

A broad range of fact and activity sheets will be created for the area. These will range from plant information, children’s activities (with school curriculum ideas), Indigenous information, and reading lists of items from the collection. The Gooneburra Collection at the Oakey Library has also been gathered to compliment and promote the gardens.

Choosing the Name:

After scouring the language lists trying to find anything that might be good to name our new collection and garden, we were unable to find anything suitable in the Jarowair language as the word lists just aren’t that comprehensive. Following some community consultation we were told that there wouldn’t be a problem if we just used Kamilaroi words instead, due to the large amount of inter-tribal marriages in the past and the crossover of tribal ranges they thought there would be no problems. Even after broadening our language search we were still unable to find anything like “Knowledge” or “Learning”.

It was after much discussion that the name “Gooneburra” (Goo-na-bu-ra) Collection was chosen. The coastal tribes used to call the Jagera, Giabal and Jarowair people Gooneburra, (the ones who hunt with fire) due to their hunting technique of burning off the grassland to attract animals to the new shoots. This is also the inspiration behind the logo that we created.

Gooneburra Logo

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