Interruption to Services

Image: Aurora Australis from mt buffalo national park Source: Philip Dubbin

Image: Aurora Australis from Mt Buffalo National Park
Source: Philip Dubbin

Today’s short notice is just to let you know that after 96 posts, 7 pages, and around 1500 views I’m leaving and so there will be a slight delay in the next couple of months while they find someone to take up the reins.

But as a last post let me show you the most fascinating historical “Interruptions to local services” that I found in the Darling Downs Gazette (Qld. : 1881 – 1922), Friday 20 May 1921, page 5 when a magnetic storm played havoc with communications Australia wide.nla_news-page000019757506-nla_news-article182749195-l4-0c4603f661e527f430d928e2ed31a668-0001

One thought on “Interruption to Services

  1. Hi Jamie,

    I am sorry to hear that you are leaving. Thank you for your amazing contribution – I have so much admiration for you and what you achieved – I’m sorry I wasn’t able to help you more with the Country Roads project but you did give me so much advice and support when trying to get my technology side of things going. You’ll be sorely missed.

    Cathy Hartley


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