On This Day… ANZACs in Action

While this week’s article from the Darling Downs Gazette, Saturday 18 November 1916, page 5 isn’t about the local region, but instead is the letter home of a local man from the trenches.

nla_news-page000020040125-nla_news-article183254890-L5-6bfb507b666c3cdb2ad9164ea8101a13-0001nla_news-page000020040125-nla_news-article183254890-L5-6bfb507b666c3cdb2ad9164ea8101a13-0002After a little digging I discovered that Wilbraham Lee FOWLER (1887 – 1917), Landed at Gallipoli on 25 April 1915 and was wounded on 29 May during a Turkish attack on Quinn’s Post. He was evacuated to hospital in Malta and then to Netley Hospital in England. After recovering from his wound he went to Egypt for training and then was sent to Polygon Wood,Ypres on 27 September 1917 where he was Killed in Action that same day.


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