On This Day… – Careful how you read

I’ll be as close to this day as I can, if nothing of interest is happening I’ll just have stretch it out to this month.

On this day 150 years ago: We had a few “What the…!” moments when we read this article in the Darling Downs Gazette and General Advertiser, Tuesday 21 August 1866. Especially when, in skimming, we went for “the civilised murder” to “spaying up to 200 a day”.

nla_news-page000007519443-nla_news-article75517514-L5-3bbe798d29cb7df3ff39e502066d3583-0001 nla_news-page000007519443-nla_news-article75517514-L5-3bbe798d29cb7df3ff39e502066d3583-0002 nla_news-page000007519443-nla_news-article75517514-L5-3bbe798d29cb7df3ff39e502066d3583-0003 nla_news-page000007519443-nla_news-article75517514-L5-3bbe798d29cb7df3ff39e502066d3583-0004 nla_news-page000007519443-nla_news-article75517514-L5-3bbe798d29cb7df3ff39e502066d3583-0005 nla_news-page000007519443-nla_news-article75517514-L5-3bbe798d29cb7df3ff39e502066d3583-0006


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