On This Day… – Bobby Bopping

I’ll be as close to this day as I can, if nothing of interest is happening I’ll just have stretch it out to this month.

On this day 150 years ago: What do you do when the only two policemen in town try to take the other to the lock up? Well it turns out the Drayton constabulary was a bit of a laughing stock in the Darling Downs Gazette and General Advertiser, Saturday 14 July 1866.

nla_news-page000007519379-nla_news-article75517136-L4-e0386eaf7be7e896b70ddca70f85838a-0001 nla_news-page000007519379-nla_news-article75517136-L4-e0386eaf7be7e896b70ddca70f85838a-0002 nla_news-page000007519379-nla_news-article75517136-L4-e0386eaf7be7e896b70ddca70f85838a-0003


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