New Format

It’s been busy here at the library these last few months and we’ve had no time to keep up the steady flow of local history tales for you.

Well as of March we will be trialling a new format for our posts.

Week 1: The first Friday of every month will be a tale of wonder and marvel… or most probably, it will be whatever interesting information I can dig up on a historical topic

Week 2: “Picture of the Week” – Will be a historical image from the region and any snippet of information that I have about it

Week 3: We will try the “On this day…” and see if we can’t find something interesting that happened 150 years ago. This may be an event, or just some story that catches my eye and/or tickled my funny bone

Week 4: “Written around town” – I’m not the only one digging up the past in the region, and so I’m gathering some of the local history stories that have been published in various locations.

We hope you enjoy the new format and find something interesting to read. We always look forward to feedback and any interesting fact you want to share as well.


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