Reading a Plain History

Image: Learning to Read Books

Image: Learning to Read Books

After a week of running around like a headless chook, I decided that I needed to take the time this morning to find a topic to write about. Inspiration came to me from a rather unusual source this time. I was shelving the “Learning to Read” books and that triggered a memory about a book that Jenny brought in a 1913 Queensland Readers from Quinalow for me to have a look at. The inscription in the front reads “Harold Maynard Quinalow” and so I thought I’d see what I could track down about the history of the Quinalow School.

The land that the school stands on (and indeed the town itself) was all once a part of the Rosalie Plains Station. Taken up in 1848 by Robert Ramsay the station’s estimated size was over 60,000 acres. By 1864 the property size had increased to 82,240 acres but by the 1870s the property size was on the decline. Although the area of Quinalow is first mentioned in the Queensland Post Office Directories in 1894-1895, the town wasn’t surveyed until August 1897 by J.D. Hamilton.

In January 1900, the application and approval for a provisional school in Quinalow was made. The new provisional school was built and completed on 26 February 1901 at a cost of 122 pound 17 shillings. Miss Bridget Leahy was employed to be the first teacher at the newly built school. The school building still stands and was shifted to its current site at Daly Street in August 1979. The building was used as the preschool until June 1990 when the new preschool building was finished at Quinalow School. The building was then opened in March 1984 as Quinalow Library.

Why not drop by and have a look at this historical building and say G’day to Jenny for me. That’s all from me, see you all next week.


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