Knowing hall about it

Well here’s to another week digitising photos from the Oakey Local Studies Collection. Here’s a photo I found of the old Country Club Hotel (the young ones know it as Bernborough Tavern) what I’d really be interested in knowing is if anyone can tell me what the hall to the right of it is? I remember visiting our cousins here in Oakey when I was growing up and there was this hall but since I’ve moved here I’ve mentioned it to a few different people and they look at me blankly and say “What Hall?”.

So my question today is: Anyone know what the hall was?

Image: Country Club Hotel c1980 Source:

Image: Country Club Hotel c1980
Source: Dpt. Defence

An early picture of the hall would be even better (it’s a blank block now), and who knows maybe I’ll run across one as I work my way through the photo albums.

The Country Club Hotel was demolished in 2006-2007 and the Bernborough Tavern built in its stead.

Feel free to give me a cooee or drop by for a yarn if you’ve got any photos you’d like to add to our collection. We look forward to seeing you.

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