Preaching to the Converted

Just a short post today. I promise to dig up something really extraordinary by the end of the week. I’m using the excuse of being on holidays last week to explain the lack of post, but I’ve got some really great news. We have a new addition to the Country Roads Project technology arsenal…….. A tape converter!

All those Oral history recording that are lying around in your collections which you don’t know what to do with because they’re on cassette can now be easily converted to digital format. I haven’t used the device yet (it looks like an old Walkman) so I’m going to see if I can ferret out some old cassettes in our collection to have a play……….. err I mean to assess the pros and cons of its use. The device is here for all groups to use so feel free to bring a bag load of tapes on your next visit.

My only concern is that if the interview is an hour-long it will take an hour to convert, so we might have to make it a “drop of your tapes and run” policy and I’ll digitise them for you (I can whack a tape on then go do something else). If you’re keen to know more just give us a cooee, or you’re more than welcome to drop around for a yarn.

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