Rest Drays

Ok I know it’s been a few weeks since we’ve added a post but now that we’ve finished the Oakey Library renovations everything is back on track. I was out at Crows Nest last week for a meeting and came across a couple of stops that I think are well worth a look if you’re looking for a close by day trip these summer months.

Hartmann Park is located at the bottom of William Street (just turn right opposite the library). The thing that attracted me to the park was not just the bush trails for you to wander on but that in the middle of the day, only a couple of blocks from the New England Highway you can’t hear traffic, just the sounds of nature.IMG_7382

The second stop I caught a glance of on my way into town so I stopped for a closer look on my way home. Bullocky’s Rest, is a park that commemorates the bullocky teams that were prevalent in the area as part of the timber industry. While I don’t condone anyone jumping the fence to sit on the bullocks I will freely admit that I was tempted to get a picture with them.IMG_7384 IMG_7387

That’s me for this week. Catch you again next week.

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