With Death Comes a New Beginning

I was digging through all the historical newspapers to find a ghost or gruesome murder tale to share with you all. I mean, you can’t get an easier topic for Halloween can you?

Well scratch that idea, I’ve got nothing, so I thought I would discuss our Indigenous Collection here at Oakey Library instead.

The newly created collection is designed to compliment the creation of our Bush Tucker Garden in the library courtyard. One of the main things we’re looking at is a name for both garden and collection. “Gooneburra” is the name I’m leaning towards at the moment (but if anyone else has any ideas please feel free to share).

Now I know some of you will be wondering “what does this have to do with local history?”, well the Jagera, Giabal, and Jarowair people are several of the tribes that traditionally lived in the Toowoomba and Darling Downs area before European settlement. The coastal tribes called these groups the “Gooneburra”, or, “the ones who hunt with fire”. The groups would burn areas of the grasslands and as the new green sprouts attracted animals they would have an easier time hunting their food.

Over the next few weeks we’ll start adding some of our handouts to the blog for you to read and share.

If you’ve got any ideas, or just want to have a yarn, come in and see us here at Oakey.


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