Drawing the line

We’ve had some visitors interested in the history of a few of the local pubs in the area. Now as part of our preparation work for this project we raided the State Library of Queensland photo collection to see what they’ve got. One of the images is a really nice picture of the lower end of the main street.

Iamge: Western Line Hotel c1917 Source: State Library of Qld

Image: Western Line Hotel c1917
Source: State Library of Queensland

Due to the amount of traffic/commerce that came in by train, the main street in Oakey was originally considered to be what is now Bridge Street.

Well after finding this picture I thought I’d do a quick look around and see what information I could dig up. Now for those that have never used Trove.nla.gov.au (National Library online Newspaper database) you’re gonna love this.

There are a few articles about various things that happened at the hotel (including a suspected attempted arson), but my favourite is all about the publican. A savvy businessman, a pillar of the community, all round top bloke (and after reading this article I wonder if he bribed the journalist too)

Have a read and see what you think of Mr M’Lennan: http://trove.nla.gov.au/ndp/del/article/20798421?searchTerm=western line hotel oakey&searchLimits=

Well that’s me for another week.

Why not have a play on Trove and see what you can dig up yourself.

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