Tag! You’re it!

With the explosive popularity of user submitted content (which is a polite way of saying every man and his dog putting their picture on the internet) it has become so much easier to find something about nearly anything online.

But how do you find anything in all this noise?

Tags (sometimes called “hash tags”) are the solution.

What are they?

Tags are a word (or short phrase) used to describe an image or even an article. The main difference between tags and the subject headings we use to catalogue books is that they’re created by the average user and are very intuitive, if you’re looking for a picture of a dog then it’s a safe bet the tag #dog has been used.

They also let us use locally known words and names when describing things e.g. The Sydney Harbour Bridge known as “The Coat Hanger”.

The more descriptive you are the better chance people have of finding things.

The main four tags that we will be using in the project are:
#GroupName (your group name)
#PlaceName eg. #Oakey

Go on, get tagging.

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