Copy-rite of Passage

We’ve been delighted by the enthusiasm and support that people have shown over this project. We’ve got a pretty full on training schedule happening for the next nine months with our groups (and our own Local History Collection). For those that want a head start, or just want to learn new things, you’ll find the training guides under the Resources tab in the menu.

 I know I said I’d throw some humour in but the first topic I’d like to cover is a bit boring and fairly dry (sort of like the ground at the moment). Copyright is a legal requirement that everyone writing, researching and publishing should be aware of. So to keep it short and sharp let me just share two things with you.

 1. As a rule of thumb any picture taken before 1964 is currently out of copyright and free to use, so long as you acknowledge the owner of the image when you use it. Here’s an example:

Image: Olympia Theatre c1930 Source: State Library of Queensland

Image: Olympia Theatre c1930
Source: State Library of Queensland

 2. When you’re writing your local histories, be it book or brochure, you should keep a bibliography of the resources used. Been years since you left school and had to think about one? Well let me share this awesome FREE website that’ll make your life…… ok maybe not your entire life but at least your research, so much easier. “Cite this for me” is an automatic bibliography generator. Don’t know the format for referencing a website? Well drop in the web address and the generator does it for you. Use the ISBN barcode or the title of a book and the generator will reference the book for you too. Then all you need to do is copy the reference into you document and you’ve got a pretty schmick (and authoritative) looking article happening.

 Go on, have a play, see what you think.

 Also if you’ve got an idea you’d like to share just let us know (we’ll change it 10% so as not to break copyright…. Sorry, was the best I could do with this topic).

 But if you have images or local stories you’d like to share, let us know we’re always happy to hear from people.


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